Dena Brock 
Certified Yoga Instructor 



About Higher Power Yoga

Our sole mission here at Higher Power Yoga is to bring your health, mind, heart, soul, and spirit, into a place of balance, and universal unity.
At Higher Power Yoga we have 5 core and fundamental goals.
1- Rewrite the neurological pathways that are holding us back. 
2- Through your "higher power", religion, and God, you can change the programming of addiction, grief, and of self abuse and sabotage. Rewrite the stories that allowed the past sorrows, and transform life into your true life calling.
3- Through "meditation in motion" we can open a new neuro pathway or "samskarit groove" and plant a seed of growth there. The opening happens with the motion, we plant then, the new thoughts begin. It's science.
4- To find the healthy body we were given before doctors, drugs, stress, and life challenge, tore away from our core being, our DNA. Exercising, learning about how our body works, even some nutrition and disease information.
5- We have partnered with several yogis and life coaches to bring you a program for all ages, for all mental and physical challenges and for all that is in our journey, to reach "our higher power". Through your higher power. Join us on the journey won't you? 
We are here to help you❤️
Enjoy the journey to the true you, the inner you, the transformed and stronger YOU!!
Namaste ~
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15 Years Of Experience

Dena Brock, is the creator and originator of Higher Power Yoga.  She has studied yoga for 15 years, and started her teaching career in Tucson Arizona in 2008 for 4 years.  She then moved to Texas where she launched a practice at a local karate studio for 3 years.  She then suffered a terrible car accident that took nearly a year for back rehabilitation.  After recover, she returned to her practice, and launched this online community and a local studio in Porter Texas.  Please continue to follow us here as we expand the community through video production, and if you are local.  WE WELCOME ALL <3
Namaste, Amen, all are welcome, at Higher Power Yoga.